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If you have a mould problem or are considering repainting, call Hurricane Pressure Cleaning and have it cleaned first, it could save you thousands of dollars.

Peter Burrows, Cashmere

Specialists in Concrete, Stone and Hard Surfaces - Cleaning and Sealing

Engage professionals to clean, protect, look great, and make non-slip your:

  • Driveways, Carparks, Walkways, Patio's, Pool areas, Stairs, Garage or Carport

Pressure cleaning and Sealing will greatly enhance the look of your property. Remove mould, slip-issues and protect your surfaces. Replace with an 'as new' surface protected from staining and mould, and looking great.

Colour Sealing adds a new colour and look to your surfaces. We clean, repair cracks and holes and roll-on a new colour - giving you a complete new look. Its often for hiding old concrete, and making it look consistent again. Colour sealers can be make less slippery with added additives.

Clear Sealing: Solvents acrylic sealers give the popular 'wet look’ and ehance the surface. Clear solvent sealers are used on many surfaces including: exposed aggregate, decorative concrete or just plain concrete. Water-based clear sealers are not as glossy - more of a 'matt' finish.

Penetrating Sealers - are used on stone, brickwork, paving and surfaces other than concrete. They are generally invisible, as they penetrate the surface. To know its working - water can be seen 'beading' on the surface.

Sealing is a simple process - when you prepare and apply correctly. 

It pays to work with a sealing specialist as there are many mistakes that the 'DIY'er and handyman' can make when sealing

  • Blistering, delamination, bubbling of the product, whiteness of the surface - often only after a few months...  Don't leave it to chance without using a professional, or thoroughly doing your homework first!

We will manage and maintain your project without any expensive issues, and will save you money in the long term from using the wrong product on the wrong surface.

  • We use the best quality products we can find on the market
  • We have sought and still engage the best industry advice
  • Use commercial grade equipment to complete work as 'best practice'
  • Care about producing quality work for our clients
  • Avoid costly mistakes that many are still making

The benefits of cleaning and sealing are:

  • Your driveway, walkways, stairs, patio, pool area and garage look great
  • Long-term protection from contamination, mould and staining
  • Maintenance costs are reduced as future cleans are quick and simple
  • Adds value to your property
  • Owner operated family business with reliable and friendly hand-picked contractors and employees